Parents Express Concerns Over Teen Screen Time

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teen addicted to screen time

New research from Pew Research shows that 54% of US teens admit they spend too much time on their cellphones and about 66% of parents have expressed concern over the amount of time their child spends on their phone. While parents are concerned about their child’s screen time, 36% admitted that they also spend too much time on their phones.

The study found that girls are more likely to say they spend too much time on social media while boys are more likely to say they spend too much time playing video games.

Additional findings include:

  • 72% of teens say they check their phone right when they wake up.
  • 52% of teens say they have taken steps to reduce their screen time. 57% have cut back on their use of social media and 58% have tried to limit their time spent on video games.
  • 40% of teens experience anxiety when they do not have their phone on their persons. Additionally, 56% experience negative emotions such as loneliness, anxiety and being upset when they do not have their cellphone.
  • Girls experience more anxiety and loneliness when apart from their cellphone. Boys, however, are more likely to claim they do not feel these emotions when they don’t have their phone.
  • A separate survey suggests that parents are anxious about how much screen time effects their child.

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