Parks: 12% of Smart Home Device Owners Report Unresolved Technical Problems

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Reported unresolved smart home device technical problems have been rising, from 5% in the past 3 years to 12% in 2018, according to new consumer data from Parks Associates. This shows a consumer demand for both self-help and premium supports services in addition to extended warranty services.

The report also noted that the overall number of reported problems declined. Due to the various smart home devices offered, creating seamless communication between devices has proven to be challenging. Since smart home devices tend to rely heavily on reliable and secure Wi-Fi to operate, connectivity issues are the most persistent across device types.

Additional findings include:

  • 79% of smart home device owners opted to set up at least one device by themselves or with the help of friends and family, of which, 16% found the set-up process to be difficult.
  • 14% of smart home device owners have reported one or more problems with a device in 2018.
  • 72% of consumers who opted for additional smart home or entertainment device support paid more than $50 for the service.

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