Pay TV Subscribers Declined by 415,000 in Q2 2018

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Market Research | 0 comments

video market decline

The top six cable companies lost about 275,000 video subscribers in Q2 according to a report by Leichtman Research Group, Inc.  Of the top cable companies, Comcast took the biggest hit, with a loss of 140,000 subscribers.

Satellite TV services also took a hit, showing a loss of nearly 480,000 subscribers, around 60% of which were DIRECTV subscribers.

Telephone companies lost around 45,000 videos subs, which is lower than any quarter since Q3 2015. AT&T U-verse ended Q2 with 23,000 net adds.

While traditional pay-TV subscriptions are decreasing, there has been a rise in Internet-delivered TV subscriptions. Sling TV and DirecTV Now had a combined increase of 383,000 subscriptions for Q2.

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