4K Wireless HD Connection Kit

Enjoy 4K content anywhere in your home without WiFi. MyWirelessTV 3 replaces messy HDMI cables with the convenience of wireless to achieve a modern home theater setup. It’s fast and simple to install an HDTV anywhere you want. The kit wirelessly connects HDTVs to most HDMI cable/satellite set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and consoles up to 150 feet away, even working through walls and floors. Enjoy the convenience of wireless without sacrificing picture or sound quality, even true 4K resolution.
Reseller Catalog #: MWTV3KIT01


Key Features

– Wirelessly sends live HD audio and video from HDMI-enabled media device to the HDTV
– Delivers up to 4K resolution2, and uncompressed LPCM audio over wireless
– Transmitter supports 5.1 surround audio input and pass-through
– A/V quality auto adjustment based on wireless operating environment
– Supports controlling of device’s IR (e.g. cable/sat STB) with existing remote control over IR Blaster cable
– USB backchannel (UIBC) allows controlling of the computer keyboard and mouse
– Supports one HDMI source input and one HDMI pass-through
– HDMI pass-through port maintains original audio and video quality for local TV
– Compatible with most HDMI-enabled cable/sat STBs
– Does not interfere with home wireless networks
– Functions at up to 150 feet apart and works through most walls and floors

Eliminate the Cable Clutter

MyWirelessTV 3 gives you HDTV without the wires. Now it’s possible to connect your television to your set-top box without having to use an obtrusive cable. You get the flexibility to network your home exactly how you want, without investing in an expensive wiring project, or stringing wires throughout your hallways. You can hang a flat panel TV in the bedroom, or connect another HDTV in the kid’s room without needing another set-top box or cable hookup. You can even move a big-screen TV out to the patio for a party.

Easy-to-Use, Flexible Solution

MyWirelessTV 3 takes just minutes to install and works with most HDMI compatible source devices, including cable or satellite set-top boxes, DVRs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, desktop and laptop computers. Stream live TV as well as protected content including Blu-ray and DRM. Support of pass-through infrared means no special remote controls required. Use your existing remote control from any connected room.

Tech Specs

DEVICES SUPPORTED:- Most HD cable and satellite set-top boxes with HDMI output
- Most Blu-ray players and HD gaming consoles with HDMI output
- TVs and projectors with HDMI input
VIDEO:- H.264 video compression
- Supports up to 4K resolution
AUDIO- Non-compressed LPCM
- Pass-through 5.1 surround
A/V INTERFACE:- Transmitter: 1 x HDMI input & 1 x HDMI pass-through
- Receiver: 1 x HDMI output
WIRELESS:- 802.11 AC dual-band
- Operates on standard 802.11 5GHz spectrum
- AES 128-bit WPS pre-paired
POWER:- Input: 5V/2A; Consumption: ~5W
DIMENSIONS:- 105mm W x 120mm D x 30mm H (per unit)
WEIGHT:- 4.7oz (per unit)
REQUIREMENTS:- HD cable/sat receiver/DVR/PVR or HDMI-enabled media player (BD, DVD or game console)
- HDTV with available HDMI port
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