Report: Digital TV & Video: Deep Dive Strategy & Competition 2018-2023

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With video content migrating from DVDs to online, access to digital content is taking priority over owning content. It follows that businesses seek to monetize digital content and that networks need to manage the surge in traffic.

In their recent report, Juniper Research found that Apple’s App Store offered smartphone users the greatest variety of content in a single location. They also found that Netflix accounts for more than a third of internet traffic. The report suggests that there are compelling reasons for network providers and OTTs to establish a partnership in order to leverage the content costs.

Additional findings include:

  • It is estimated that Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and Facebook combined generate about 500 million hours of streamed video and audio traffic per day.
  • Gamers account for the largest share of digital content sales. The second largest growth rates are expected to come from ePublishing. 25% of US book sales are in a digital format.

To download the Juniper Research whitepaper, click here.

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