The Robots of CES 2019

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The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has brought industry leaders in new and innovative technology together at CES for 50 years. Day three of CES 2019 explored three companies that shared their robot prototypes.

Ubtech introduced their newest robot at CES 2019. The Walker stands at 5 feet tall and weighs 170lbs. It features hands that can grasp objects and legs that allow it to walk around in a controlled environment. Various sensors allow it to map its surroundings. Uses for the Walker are unclear, but Ubtech says it can be used to control smart home devices. Ubtech also relaunched a new version of their service robot, Cruzr. Cruzr acts as a customer service tool in commercial settings.

Samsung revealed four prototype robots. Bot Air is a robot that acts as a mobile air purifier and can detect and travel to each room with poor air quality. Bot Retail is Samsung’s version of Ubtech’s Cruzr, acting as a customer service tool in retail and restaurant environments. Bot Care is a robot that falls into the healthcare system and is able to check a person’s blood pressure and heart beat. In addition to Bot Care, Samsung introduced their GEMS robot that acts as an exoskeleton and can improve mobility for people with injuries or are undergoing physical therapy treatments.

PuduTech introduced a delivery robot, engaging the strongest emerging market for robots. The HOLABOT is PuduTech’s latest delivery robot that can adapt and navigate the hazards standard to delivery, such as city sidewalks and inside buildings. HOLABOT uses a camera, ultrasonic sensors and other technology to map its route. It also uses speech to communicate and facial recognition to identify customers.

For more information on the robots introduced at CES 2019 and data from Strategy Analytics, click here.

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