Turn Your Home into a Smart Home with Wireless Smart Light Switches

Aug 4, 2019


Are you looking to transition your home into a smart home, or looking for some smart home device options that won’t break the bank? Well, good news. One device you can start with is a smart light switch. Instead of spending an outlandish amount per Wi-Fi connected lightbulb, you can get a device that turns any standard light switch into a smart light switch.


Even better news: you do not need to mess with any electrical wiring in your home or hire anyone to do so either. There are smart devices out there that turn your light switches into smart switches by simply plugging them into the outlet or retro-fitting them over the switch. While you could have electrical work done to make your house smarter, why not do it in a simpler and cheaper way?

One device to check out is the Switchmate Smart Light Switch, which you can find on Amazon. This device will turn your light switches into smart switches for less than $30. More details about this device:

  • Setup is easy and requires no tools
  • Device snaps over rocker-style light switches
  • Ideal for homeowners or renters
  • Controlled via app for both iOS & Android
  • Compatible with voice assistants (Power by SimplySmart Home, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant)
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