Give the Kids their Own TV Zone While You Work From Home

Replace HDMI Cables with Wireless Technology


Wireless Video HDMI Video Kit

Balancing the realities of remote work and education at this time can be a challenge. With MyWirelessTV2, you can wirelessly connect your HDMI-enabled media devices to your HDTV, giving you the flexibility to set up your HDTV almost anywhere. Hang a flat panel in the Rec Room, connect another HDTV in the kid’s room or move a big screen TV out to the patio for a backyard movie night, without an HDMI cable.

Replace HDMI Cables with Wireless

Actiontec’s MyWirelessTV2 system replaces cumbersome HDMI cables with wireless technology, so you can easily install an HDTV anywhere you want. Wirelessly connect HDTVs to most HDMI cable/satellite set top boxes, Blu-ray players, and consoles up to 100 feet away, even working through walls and floors.

Installs in Minutes

This is not a complex weekend wiring project. MyWirelessTV takes just minutes to install. Support for pass-through infrared means no special remote controls are required. Use your existing remote control from any connected room.

Brilliant HD without the Wires

You can go wireless without sacrificing picture and sound quality. MyWirelessTV2 delivers up to 1080p60 HD video, and MyWirelessTV3 supports up to 4K resolution and audio.

Compatible with Most Equipment

MyWirelessTV works with most HDMI-enabled media devices, including cable or satellite set-top.

MyWirelessTV2 Wireless Video HDMI Video Kit

MyWirelessTV2 gives you the freedom to mount your high-definition television almost anywhere in your home without having to invest in an expensive installation project. Now you can create separate spaces suitable for family members to use, while allowing parents to work from home. MyWirelessTV2 wirelessly connects your HDMI-enabled media devices to your HDTV, allowing you to deliver brilliant, multi-room HD without the expense of rewiring or long cable runs throughout the home.

Balance the realities of remote work and education. Enjoy wireless streaming TV in any room of the house!

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