What is 802.11ax and Why Do I Need It?

Sep 26, 2019Learning Annex, WiFi Networking

Your devices are getting smarter and faster. Your home is more connected than ever. Much like everything else in the world of technology, your WiFi connection evolves too. Wi-Fi standards determine the speed and frequency of your network.

How WiFi 6 is Different

WiFi 6 is an upgrade from WiFi 5. If you think about an upgrade to a newer smart phone, you expect improvements such as faster speeds and better performance in general. The same can be expected from upgrading to WiFi 6.

WiFi 6 goes beyond the now common 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands by also supporting 1GHz and 7GHz frequencies. Increasing the number of available frequencies will allow more data to transmit at the same time. This means faster Internet speeds across all bands. In addition to faster speeds, Wi-Fi 6 was also designed to perform better in crowded areas like malls, stadiums and airports thanks to the increased capacity for connected devices.

Maximize Your Wi-Fi Performance

Take these steps to maximize your Wi-Fi performance:


Update your WiFi technology. When selecting a new router, opt for one that is WiFi 6 compatible. Look for the “WiFi 6” or “WiFi 6 Certified” logo.


Monitor your network’s performance with a managed Wi-Fi solution such as Optim Managed Wifi from Actiontec. Older devices operate more efficiently on the lower frequency bands of 2.4 GHz, and newer devices tend to operate more effectively on the higher frequency bands of 5.0 GHz. As Wi-Fi 6 technology opens up new bands, many managed Wi-Fi services offer band steering tools, ensuring that your devices are connected to the most suitable frequency for its peak performance.  This band steering can help to relieve congestion on your home network and improve your overall speeds.


Extend your network’s reach. While Wi-Fi 6 offers an improved wireless Internet experience, you may still experience WiFi dead zones in your home. You can easily support and extend your network’s reach using MoCA adapters or network boosters and extenders.

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