What is Managed Wi-Fi?

Managed Wi-Fi is a relatively new buzz word in the broadband industry. It refers to systems that allow either the home network owner (consumer) or the ISP a means of viewing, managing and troubleshooting a home’s wireless network. The actual managed services that you have access to will vary depending on the managed WiFi service provider.






For the Internet Service Provider…

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have the ability to determine when and where local service outages take place. They can even determine issues with connectivity to individual homes. However, until recently, ISPs have NOT been able to diagnose issues within the home WiFi network itself.

With managed WiFi, ISPs have the ability to remotely troubleshoot issues within subscribers’ home wireless networks… WITHOUT the need to schedule a technician visit. They can see which devices are connected to each router or access point and determine how they are performing. These cloud-based tools provide insight into WiFi heath. They allow technical support teams to assess Internet issues remotely, and then recommend the right course of action to the subscriber.


For the consumer…

Many of us would prefer an easy solution to manage our home network. We’d like a system that automatically allows the network to run smoothly. And when needed, we’d like easy-to-use tools to fix issues ourselves, without putting a call in to the service provider.





Dashboard Tools

With a dashboard, managed Wi-Fi service can give a simplified look into the ‘health’ of your home network. You can tell which devices are connected to your network: router/modem, network extenders or adapters, smart phones, tablets, PCs and other smart home devices. You can see if you are getting the network speeds you expect… throughout your home, and to each device.  

A dashboard may include tools like the following.

  • The ability to set up profiles to monitor and manage each device that is connected to your network.
  • The ability to disconnect unwanted devices from your network (neighbors, hackers, etc.).
  • The ability to set up parental controls, such as Internet access timers for children or limiting access to certain websites.
  • The ability to easily set up and manage a guest Wi-Fi network for added security.
  • Gauges to detect weak Wi-Fi signals and underperforming network components.

Some managed WiFi services also give easy-to-use troubleshooting tools for when you experience Wi-Fi issues, like poor connectivity. The answer often lies in things your broadband provider can’t solve: interference from other WiFi AP’s, congestion due to traffic, or simple distance issues.

Some services even offer band steering. This automatically connects your devices to the best available band for optimal performance.







Advanced Security Services

While smart home technology and devices are geared towards making your everyday life easier and more convenient, security can be a cause for concern. When you’re looking at Managed Wi-Fi service options, be sure to choose one that offers advanced security for peace of mind. Advanced security features can protect your home network and devices from harmful websites, hacking, spyware, phishing and other malicious digital threats.





Actiontec’s Optim Smart WiFi Solution

Actiontec’s Optim Smart Wifi Solution allows you to control and optimize your WiFi. It provides a holistic view into a home’s WiFi network with an easy-to-use dashboard and controls.

We are proud that Optim now features advanced security to protect a home network. Its SmartSteering feature automatically diagnoses and solves many of the more common Wi-Fi issues. And its advanced software can provide ISP technicians a deep view into Wi-Fi networks allowing them to diagnose and recommend actions remotely. 

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