What is the Difference Between G.hn and HomePlug?

Sep 26, 2019G.hn, Learning Annex

Wi-Fi remains the primary component to the home network, but wireless Internet can have its limitations. Chances are, some areas of your home have weak wireless signals that give you a slow, insufficient connection. Walls, ceilings, floors and even appliances can block or interfere with your wireless signal. Powerline networking offers a solution that eliminates WiFi dead zones in your home.

What is G.hn and HomePlug?

Powerline networking involves using the existing wires in your home to strengthen your Internet connection and improve Internet speeds. The two primary technologies in powerline networking are HomePlug and G.hn.

HomePlug was created as an alternative way to connect to the Internet using the powerlines within the home. HomePlug has been on the market for a while and offers a basic connection using adapters. Despite being one of the first technologies that uses powerline networking in the home network environment, HomePlug has a history of being under performing and unreliable. For example, HomePlug performance can be negatively impacted by home appliances.

G.hn, however, has recently joined HomePlug in the powerline networking environment. G.hn offers the same connection as HomePlug with great improvements in speed and reliability.

HomePlug vs. G.hn

  • Speed – HomePlug has a standard data rate of 200 Mbps. When using a powerline extender, G.hn can reach 300 Mbps on a 2.4 GHz band or 628 Mbps on a 5 GHz band. G.hn offers up to 1 Gbps through a wired connection.
  • Reliability – HomePlug is limited to operating over powerlines, whereas G.hn operates over existing telephone wiring, coaxial cables, powerlines and plastic optical fiber.
  • Technology – HomePlug technology has remained relatively stagnant since the standard launched in 2010. New G.hn technology is significantly improved over current powerline-only standards and minimizes line interference and maximizes video throughput with a clearer signal.
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