What is the Difference Between G.hn and MoCA?

Sep 26, 2019G.hn, Learning Annex

Wired Home Networks

G.hn and MoCA are two technologies that supplement your wireless network by creating an additional wired network. G.hn and MoCA are plug-and-play technologies that don’t require an expensive home rewiring project and are easy to install. These technologies are useful when you have areas of your home that have a weak Wi-Fi connection, are far from your router, or have various interferences that create a connectivity dead zone.

How Wired Home Networking Works

Both G.hn and MoCA use the existing wiring in your home to establish a data pipeline to a specific device. Wired home networking is an easily accessible option to keep every room in your home connected to the Internet. The ability to customize your home network configuration using G.hn or MoCA adapters and extenders means you have the freedom to set up your broadband router anywhere in your home while still enjoying a fast and stable Internet connection where you need it most.

G.hn vs. MoCA

While G.hn and MoCA both deliver reliable and fast Internet to most rooms in your home, there are some distinct differences that set them apart.

Connectivity – Both MoCA and G.hn deliver an Internet connection to various rooms of your home. MoCA does this by using the coaxial wiring. Since MoCA is dependent on one type of wiring within your home, you are limited to the rooms that have coaxial wall outlet. G.hn offers connectivity over coaxial, powerline and telephone line wiring. G.hn’s versatility turns any wall outlet into an Internet connection.

Availability – G.hn is a relatively new technology, so there are only a few companies offering G.hn adapters and extenders. MoCA technology has been available for several years and is widely used.

Speed – MoCA boasts speeds of up to 1 Gbps, creating a data super highway directly to the devices that require a fast and stable connection, like gaming consoles and computers. G.hn tops that with up to 2 Gbps speeds through a wired Ethernet connection using a powerline adapter.

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