Wi-Fi Connected Smart Locks Enter Smart Home Market

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According to Strategy Analytics August 2018 report on access control systems, Wi-Fi powered smart home devices are growing, prompting smart home service providers to simplify their otherwise complex smart home solutions.

Hampton’s ARRAY Wi-Fi smart lock is ahead of the smart home curve. Instead of depending on a secondary hub, the ARRAY uses high-power rechargeable batteries, built-in solar panels and Wi-Fi, making it especially directed towards the residential market.

Hampton’s device delivers on consumers demand for both accessibility and easy installation. The ARRAY smart lock overtakes its competitors thanks to a significantly easier setup process and ease of operation. Despite being one of the first Wi-Fi smart locks on the market, the ARRAY also faces challenges, such as Wi-Fi coverage issues, maintaining a competitive edge over competitors, and managing their premium pricing.

Additional insights:

  • Wi-Fi coverage issues have been a focus for many smart home companies, but a viable solution has not been found for doors that are out of Wi-Fi range.
  • The ARRAY smart lock does not need a hub to operate, reducing points of failure and network complexity.
  • An array of competitors are on Hampton’s heels, such as Yale, Schlage, and Kwikset, offering similar products that tend to be $50 to $100 cheaper than ARRAY’s $299 price tag.

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