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Actiontec’s 802.11ac Wireless Network Extender family includes both coax and Ethernet-based models. The WCB6200Q uses the latest bonded MoCA 2.0 technology to extend the router’s signal through the home’s existing coax cabling and bring a fast and reliable 802.11ac Wi-Fi signal to those areas of the home that can’t be reached with the existing router. The Ethernet-based WEB6000Q can plug into the Ethernet port of the subscriber’s existing router or gateway and provides an instant upgrade to 802.11ac.

Features of WiFi Network Extenders

Eliminate WiFi Deadspots

The Actiontec Wireless Network Extender family extends the router’s signal to bring a strong 802.11ac WiFi to those areas of the home that can’t be reached with the existing router. This family of 802.11ac Wireless Network Extenders helps service providers meet the growing demand for Gigabit speeds inside the home. By integrating with the subscriber’s existing home network, these extenders offer an instant performance boost without having to replace the router or wiring.

Next Generation 802.11ac Speeds

Our WxB6x00Q Wireless Network Extenders add 802.11ac wireless speeds and offer four streams of data for better performance. Multi-User MIMO delivers the best possible performance when simultaneously streaming and gaming on multiple devices. With a total WiFi throughput up to 2 Gbps, the WxB6x00Q extenders ensure your customers can stream HD-quality video and play online games without any glitches or lag.

Dual Simultaneous 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi for Faster Performance

Improve the wireless experience with dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) technology, which gives the ability to transmit on both the 5 GHz and the 2.4 GHz wireless bands simultaneously. Advanced beamforming wireless technology is designed to avoid RF interference and WiFi congestion for smoother and faster video streaming and better all-around wireless performance. Use 2.4 GHz for basic web applications, while reserving the 5 GHz band for applications like streaming HD video.

A Full Portfolio of Network Extenders

We offer a full range of Wireless Network Extenders to meet your specific application needs, speeds, and price point. No matter the model, you’ll still get the same reliability, ease of use, and performance that has made Actiontec a trusted leader in wireless networking for years.

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