Microsoft, HPE, and Broadcom have all recently announced their support for the Wi-Fi Alliance’s proposed LTE-U coexistence program. “… Microsoft, HPE and Broadcom encourage WFA to resist continued attempts to change the test plan in a manner which would undermine the longstanding agreement between the cellular and Wi-Fi industries that an unlicensed LTE base station should cause no more impact to existing Wi-Fi networks than adding another Wi-Fi network,” the companies commented in a joint letter. The quote is in response to LTE-U opponents, including Verizon and Qualcomm.

The trio’s support isn’t without reservations, however. They expressed concern with LTE-U’s need for stronger signal levels, noting that many electronic devices in the home, like set-top boxes, game consoles, and media players, are installed in areas where the Wi-Fi signal is considerably weaker. They also voiced anxiety over some LTE-U proponents’ desire to exclude lower signal level testing, claiming that it could undermine real-world tests while boosting high-end Wi-Fi equipment generally used in enterprise scenarios.

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