Comcast recently announced that it will enter the wireless arena. CEO Brian Roberts, speaking at a conference in New York, confirmed that his company is planning to launch its wireless service in mid-2017. He also mentioned that Comcast’s version of wireless will rely on the company’s installed base of 15 million Wi-Fi hotspots (many of which are updated residential gateways), utilizing the Verizon Wireless network only when needed. “We’re excited to be working toward that,” Roberts said. “We believe it’s value-added to our customers. That’s what we’re working on.”

Comcast’s entry into the wireless business has been long rumored. Back in February of this year, Comcast executives signaled their wireless intentions by confirming that the company would be participating in the FCC’s 600 MHz spectrum auction, and before that, had been in negotiations with Verizon to revamp a 2011 spectrum-sharing agreement. Roberts and other Comcast spokespersons declined to offer additional details of the company’s wireless efforts.

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