Comcast revealed plans to offer a prepaid cable and internet services trial later this year to customers in several states. The service, lyrically dubbed Xfinity Prepaid Services, allows users to renew their services weekly or every 30 days, rather than simply paying by the month. The cost of this flexibility, which may appeal to vacation home owners or people with variable income, is $80 for the initial setup fee and 30 days of service, and $15 per week, or $45 every 30 days.

Comcast has been trying to get this kind of prepaid cable service right for several years, but previously had stopped short of rolling it out nationwide. Much of the company’s reluctance may revolve around allowing flexible pricing to become too cheap an alternative, resulting in the cannibalization of existing customers and their consistent revenue streams. With Xfinity Prepaid Services, Comcast said that it was collaborating with Boost Mobile, partly to offload some of the billing and support labor.

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