Customer Experience Improves with Focus on Service Rep

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Employee productivity and customer loyalty can improve with a shift in perspective. Businesses that make service reps their top priority are likely to see this growth.

Gartner, Inc. conducted a study where more than 2,000 customer service reps from roughly 30 countries worldwide became an organization’s top priority. As a result, their productivity levels increased by 19% and their intent to leave decreased by 25%.

By Gartner’s definition, the shift from prioritizing customer experience to service representatives translates to the organization seeing improvement in operational efficiency and the customer experience.

Rick DeLisi, principal executive advisor at Gartner, said the research demonstrates “that the rep experience is just as crucial to ensuring a high-quality customer experience.”

To better support reps in helping customers, leaders must:

  • Identify and remove barriers to productivity
  • Reveal creative, quick-hit wins
  • Balance productivity with quality
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