Estimated 7.7 Million Networked Security Cameras to be Sold in the US in 2018

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networked security camera

The new Smart Product Market Assessment on networked cameras from Parks Associates estimates that 7.7 million standalone and all-in-one networked cameras will be sold in the US this year, resulting in $889 million in revenue. 9% of US broadband households currently own a networked security camera, but with advances in image recognition and easy self-installation, adoption rates are expected to increase. AI integration and voice control are also drivers for consumer engagement.

Additional information includes:

  • 7 out of 10 consumers who plan on buying a networked camera look to recommendations from insurance or security companies.
  • Despite consumers have privacy concerns with networked cameras, factors such as familiarity, dropping prices, and millennials purchasing homes and having families encourage growth in the market.
  • 80% of consumers who plan on owning or already own a networked camera rank image or sound recognition as appealing or very appealing. This technology includes identifying security events such as breaking glass or a person falling.

For more information on Parks Associations Smart Product Market Assessment, click here.

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