According to reports, the Wi-Fi Alliance is starting to certify devices that feature the super-fast Wi-Fi standard known as WiGig. WiGig doubles Wi-Fi’s current top speeds, with the caveat that it only works over a short range–around 30 feet–so the user must be in the same room as the router for the technology to work to fullest capacity. Analysts see WiGig being implemented in large venues like stadiums and arenas, as well as for Virtual Reality and other high bandwidth applications, such as 4K video, augmented reality, and high-definition streaming.

The underlying standard WiGig works with is 802.11ad, which is the follow-up to the widely used 802.11ac. Devices using 802.11ad are starting to hit the marketplace, with the Wi-Fi Alliance’s certification marking a starting point of sorts for companies thinking of deploying 802.11ad/WiGig devices. Look for more and more WiGig devices to hit the market throughout 2017.

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