Look for 75% Growth in Hearables by 2019

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By 2019, Strategy Analytics forecasts that the hearables market will see a 75% growth.

This growth will position hearables as the fastest-growing wearable in the next year. Today, the leaders in this industry are Bragi and Samsung.

Hearables, also known as smart headphones, are in-ear computational devices that aid and optimize voice communications, medical monitoring, and fitness tracking among many other features. As some are designed to wrap around the ear, improved designs are deep-in-ear to be as close to invisible as possible.

Existing devices on the market that are transforming into true hearables are:

– Hearing aids

– Personal sound amplifiers (PSAPs)

– Headphones or earbuds

Two movements are happening in the hearable market:

  1. Hearing aid companies recognize that users wants devices that offer more than correcting and amplifying sound. Specifically, they want to connect with their wireless smartphones and other devices seamlessly.
  2. Commercial electronics companies such as headphone manufacturers realize the potential of bionics. These companies look to create in-ear buds that measure biometric, output high-quality sound and have the potential to amplify sound.
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