New data from analytics company iGR Research reveals that the average monthly broadband usage in the U.S. has reached 190 Gbs per month, with more than 90% of the data comprising video. And while city dwellers expect to have access to fast internet connections, when they want it, wherever they want it, rural users are still languishing with slower speeds and a lack of access to broadband.

The report also predicts that the amount of data consumed within American households will continue to climb over the next five years, driven mainly by lower-speed connectivity being phased out while consumer demand of high bandwidth content like HD video continues to skyrocket. In addition, as Iain Gillott, president of iGR Research noted, “TV has become a personal activity. If you have four people in a household now, that means four times the data going in. In the past, all members of a four-person home might watch the same thing on the same TV set at the same time. But today, each family member may be watching his or her own Netflix or YouTube choice.”

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