The Internet of Things is coming. Large numbers of smart thermostats and electronic door locks and other IoT devices have already been installed worldwide, but are users aware of the risks involved? There have already been reports of hackers deploying botnet armies to launch DDoS attacks via common IoT devices such as CCTV cameras. Networked items like cameras and other IoTware are vulnerable; the question is, what is being done to keep them safe? 

One way to address IoT safety concerns is to consult with the ISP to see if there are any unusual network use patterns that might indicate a security breach. Beyond this, broadband network operators are in a position to monitor the traffic on their networks, and come up with ways to block cyber attacks and data breaches. While it may be too much to ask device manufacturers or the general public to properly manage security risks, ISPs operate at a crucial point in the process. They could prioritize security for IoT, and probably make some money from the service while they’re at it.


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