Subscription Video On-Demand Services Reach 69% of U.S. Households

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A new consumer research survey of 1,153 households nationwide from Leichtman Research Group, Inc.  shows that 69% of all U.S. households have a subscription video on-demand (SVOD) service. This shows a 17% increase from 2015. Major SVOD services include Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Of the 69%, 63% have more than one service, up 25% from 2015.

Additional findings include:

  • Of the 30% of adults that stream an SVOD service daily, 52% are between the ages of 18-34, 31% between the ages of 35-54 and 11% age 55 or older.
  • 28% of those surveyed with a Netflix subscription agree that they share their subscription with others outside of their household. 22% of Hulu subscribers and 10% of Amazon Prime subscribers share their subscriptions with others outside of their household.
  • 53% of TV households have both pay-TV service and a SVOD service, while 25% only get a pay-TV service and 16% only use a SVOD service. 6% get neither pay-TV nor SVOD.
  • 46% of adults use home computers, mobile phones, tablets and eReaders to watch video, a 5% increase from 2016.

More information can be found here.

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