Survey Reveals Why Consumers Switch from iOS to Android Operating Systems

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Market Research | 0 comments

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According to a recent survey conducted by PCMag, consumers are switching between iOS and Android mobile operating systems for a better user experience among other reasons. The two operating systems are competing to bring consumers wider app availability, faster software updates and better customer service. Where the two systems differ are in the user experience and pricing categories.

The survey shows that 47% of consumers who moved from Android to iOS believed iOS delivers a better user experience. Alternatively, only 30% of consumers that switched from iOS to Android believed they were getting a better user experience. 29% of Android users reported better prices while only 11% opted to switch to iOS for better prices.

The survey also revealed that most people who made an operating system switch or are considering making the switch don’t care about the newest smartphone release. In fact, 34% tend to buy a newly released phone when their contract is up and 17% buy a newly released phone when they break the screen of their current phone.

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