Verizon is Well Positioned for Fixed Wireless and 5G

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In the recent report by Cowen Research, Current State of Fiber, Verizon is “well positioned to leverage its fiber holdings for its future fixed wireless and 5G plans.”

Verizon currently has over 900,000 global fiber route miles. Bolstered by acquisitions of XO’s fiber assets, WOW fiber in Chicago, and dark fiber from Zayo, Verizon is a “top five” fiber provider in 16 markets outside of its ILEC footprint.

Verizon noted that fiber is a company growth opportunity for their broadband business, offsetting the declines in their copper-based products. Verizon is also reported to be deploying multimodal fiber as well as fiber build-outs in 50 markets, both of which are crucial element in the company’s 5G plans.

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